About Us

Flexy Trans Ltd. has been operating since 2000 on the Bulgarian logistics and freight forwarding market. Our core business is sea, container and land transportation and forwarding of all types of cargo.

The transportation needs of our clients forced us to expand the activity of the company in another aspect of the Sea Business — ship brokerage, ship agency, ship forwarding, custom's agency and insurance agency.

Our company's general policy is to provide a complete service to its clients, ensuring full coverage of the separate components of the transportation deal. We care about the client's cargo from the warehouse of the exporter to the end point of delivery. Our highly qualified and experienced team offers our clients the best logistics schemes and transportation of their cargo, which includes:

Through the above-mentioned services we are saving our clients time, money, and we keep their trade secrets in one company.

As regards the guaranty, Flexy Trans Ltd. has liability insurance from a first class insurance company.