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Very often traders and producers of goods do not know all the possibilities and instruments of transport and forwarding of goods. This limits their opportunities, increases costs, and sometimes even causes the failure of the deal. Therefore we suggest that you take advantage of our extensive experience and knowledge, and of our good relations with various institutions and organizations in order to optimize the transport of your goods.

We will select the most appropriate means of transport for your goods according to the specific conditions of the deal and will organize its implementation. Our goal is to liberate you from the burden of all transportation and logistical issues and allow you to focus on the development of your business.

Let us take care of you!

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Container Transportation

Container is a separate transport unit which can be loaded on all modes of transport on land and sea, which supposes "door-to-door" service.

Goods can be loaded at the sender's warehouse and delivered to the warehouse of the recipient.

Goods are better stored in the container than in bulk in a ship, truck or plane.

The shipper may arrange and lash the goods in the container himself or use the capabilities of the port.

Smaller batches may be carried using the cheapest transport - by sea.

Transport by sea occupies an increasingly large share which allows the cost of transport to become cheaper, but also to deliver goods to any part of the globe.

Statistics show that 50% of the world's cargo is containerized and this share is growing each year.

Flexy Trans Ltd. has established good relationships with all container lines presented in Bulgaria.

We know the advantages of each carrier and we can offer the most optimal transport for your cargo according to your preferences:

  • Price of Transport
  • Transit time
  • Time / urgency of departure
  • Or other specific requirement.

Container Stuffing

In order to avoid problems such as congestion or loss of space, it is necessary to draw up a plan of arrangement before loading the cargo in the container.

Generally speaking, 20 'container can hold about 28-30 cbm, while 40' can hold around 56-60 cbm. The actual capacity of loading of the container depends on the size of the cartons, but also on many other factors, such as the packing material and the competence of the loading staff.

Besides the size of the cargo, stowage plan must also take account of the weight of goods. It is important to know that in many countries there is a certain degree of permissible load for road and rail transport, which is less than the capacity of the container itself.

Some countries apply the use of pallets in order to increase efficiency. It is important to note that there are two main types of pallets - europallet (800 mm × 1200 mm) and a standard pallet (1000 mm × 1200 mm). One 20 'container can hold up to 11 europallets in a row, or 9-10 standard pallets in a row, while 40' container can hold up to 23-24 europallets in a row or 20-21 standard pallets in a row.

9 стандартни палети 1000 × 1200

10 стандартни палети 1000 × 1200

11 европалети 800 × 1200

20 стандартни палети 1000 × 1200

21 стандартни палети 1000 × 1200

23 европалети 800 × 1200

24 европалети 800 × 1200

Container Types

Standard 20'
Internal length: 5.900 m
Internal width: 2.350 m
Internal height: 2.393 m
Length of the door: 2.342
Door height: 2.280 m
Capacity: 33.2 m³
Tara: 2 230 kg
Maximum load weight: 21 770 kg

Standard 40'
Internal length: 12.036 m
Internal width: 2.350 m
Internal height: 2.392 m
Length of the door: 2.340 m
Door height: 2.280 m
Capacity: 67.7 m³
Tara: 3 700 kg
Maximum load weight: 26 780 kg

Upgraded 20'
Internal length: 5.900 m
Internal width: 2.311 m
Internal height: 2.390 m
Length of the door: 2.286 m
Door height: 2.280 m
Capacity: 32.63 m³
Tara: 2 300 kg
Maximum load weight: 28 180 kg

High Cube 40'
Internal length: 12.036 m
Internal width: 2.350 m
Internal height: 2.697 m
Length of the door: 2.338 m
Door height: 2.585 m
Capacity: 76.3 m³
Tara: 2 3970 kg
Maximum load weight: 26 510 kg

Reefer 20' (refrigerant)
Internal length: 5.425 m
Internal width: 2.275 m
Internal height: 2.260 m
Length of the door: 2.258 m
Door height: 2.216 m
Capacity: 28.3 m³
Tara: 3 200 kg
Maximum load weight: 20 800 kg

Reefer 40' (refrigerant)
Internal length: 11.493 m
Internal width: 2.270 m
Internal height: 2.197 m
Length of the door: 2.282 m
Door height: 2.155 m
Capacity: 57.8 m³
Tara: 4 900 kg
Maximum load weight: 25 580 kg

Reefer 40' High Cube (refrigerant)
Internal length: 11.557 m
Internal width: 2.294 m
Internal height: 2.500 m
Length of the door: 2.294 m
Door height: 2.440 m
Capacity: 66.6 m³
Tara: 4 500 kg
Maximum load weight: 25 980 kg

Open Top 20'
Internal length: 5.894 m
Internal width: 2.311 m
Internal height: 2.354 m
Length of the door: 2.286 m
Door height: 2.184 m
Capacity: 32.23 m³
Tara: 2 400 kg
Maximum load weight: 21 600 kg

Open Top 40'
Internal length: 12.028 m
Internal width: 2.350 m
Internal height: 2.345 m
Length of the door: 2.341 m
Door height: 2.274 m
Capacity: 65.5 m³
Tara: 3 850 kg
Maximum load weight: 26 630 kg

Flat Rack 20'
Internal length: 5.620 m
Internal width: 2.200 m
Internal height: 2.233 m
Tara: 2 530 kg
Maximum load weight: 21 470 kg

Flat Rack 40'
Internal length: 12.080 m
Internal width: 2.438 m
Internal height: 2.103 m
Tara: 5 480 kg
Maximum load weight: 39 000 kg

Flat Rack Collapsible 20'
Internal length: 5.618 m
Internal width: 2.208 m
Internal height: 2.233 m
Tara: 2 750 kg
Maximum load weight: 27 730 kg

Flat Rack Collapsible 40'
Internal length: 12.080 m
Internal width: 2.126 m
Internal height: 2.043 m
Tara: 5 800 kg
Maximum load weight: 39 000 kg

Platform 20'
Internal length: 6.058 m
Internal width: 2.438 m
Internal height: 2.233 m
Tara: 2 750 kg
Maximum load weight: 24 000 kg

Platform 40'
Internal length: 12.18 m
Internal width: 2.40 m
Internal height: 1.95 m
Tara: 5 800 kg
Maximum load weight: 39 200 kg

Chassis 33' Tri-Axle
Максимална дължина: 12.6 m
Tara: 4 950 kg
Maximum load weight: 20 185 kg

Chassis 40' Gooseneck
Максимална дължина: 12.6 m
Tara: 2 950 kg
Maximum load weight: 20 185 kg

Tank 20'
Capacity: 24 000 l

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Liquid Bulk Cargo Transportation

Liquid cargo can be transported in standard 20 'containers or in the trailer of a truck in bulk. This is accomplished by using the so-called "flexi tank."

Flexi tank is a balloon with the size of the vehicle, which is mounted in the container / truck and filled with the liquids. A flexi tank allows liquid cargo to be transported reliably and without additional costs for specialized vehicles (tank containers or tankers) or dividing.

If you have to transport liquid cargo, we could:

  • organize transport;
  • provide appropriate flexi tanks for your load;
  • perform pre-installation and
  • will render consulting assistance during loading, to be sure and calm about your load.
  • depending on the requirements of the particular cargo and your options for loading, we will provide you with the necessary tools for connecting your installation to the flexi tanks.

Multimodal transport of liquid cargo is divided between the use of tank containers and flexi tanks.

Flexi tank is a flexible transport packaging designed to be installed in a standard shipping container, transforming it from a container for cargo transportation to a container for transportation of liquid cargo. This allows shippers to benefit from the advantages of intermodal transport at relatively lower costs, better transit times and enhanced security. It is these advantages that led to the absolute expansion of this kind of transport since 2000, with annual growth of 15-20% and reaching 120,000 individual transportations in 2006. Dangerous goods classified by IMO in the IMDG listing (codes (classification)) cannot be transported in flexi tanks.

To transport liquid cargo by land can also be used flexi tanks specially designed for installation in the cargo compartment of trucks. Compared to the transport in tank containers, this innovative product allows optimization of road transport, transition "under load" in both directions.

The advantages of flexi tanks are:

  • Single use - cancels the risk of contamination with residues from previous load
  • Specific focus on particular products with different bulk densities, production capacity of 14,000 to 24,000 litres.
  • Relatively low transport costs for positioning at address of equipment (approximately 100 flexi tanks can be supplied at the cost of one tank container).
  • 20 foot container with installed flexi tank and capacity of 24,000 litres allows transport of 40% more load compared to such packaged in drums, 50% more if the load is bottled and about 15% more for transport with IBC containers
  • No returning costs
  • Fast and easy loading

Wine, vegetable and animal fats, fruit juices, base oils, liquid soaps and detergents, non-hazardous chemicals, paints, latex and others are in the list of transported with flexi tanks products.

Some liquid cargo must be transported in so-called tank containers. This makes it possible to transport liquid cargo by all means of transport (ship, rail, truck) without overloading and with maximum security for its preservation. We can provide you with tank containers and develop appropriate transport scheme.


Since 2009 Flexi Trans Ltd. has been the official and exclusive representative for Bulgaria of Liquatrans Turkey.

Liqua is a global company for industrial packaging with an extensive network worldwide.

Head office and 4,000m² manufacturing facility are located in Istanbul, Turkey. Liqua team has been in the industry since 1997 as a producer of packaging. The final product is "big bags". In 2007, the group started production of flexi tanks and developing solutions for transport and storage of liquid cargoes.

In 2011, Liqua Logistics Ltd. was established to provide service to its customers through a network of agents around the world who care for the supply and installation of equipment, as well as the maximum safety of loading and unloading the goods. This provides the customers with a high quality of logistics services, as well as the most innovative packaging solutions.

Liquatrans is highly appreciated due to the fact that it has the best department for research and development in flexi tanks, such as packaging for the transport of bulk goods and liquids. Invention of the company are:

As you see, the orientation of the company to the customer is the strongest asset of the company. In addition to the mass production, the company works closely with its customers to develop special projects and products tailored to their needs.

Liquatrans has ISO 9001 and 22000 certifications ISO.

Another very strong point of the company is the network of agents worldwide. Liquatrans agents are specially trained for installation and operation of flexitanks and are present at the loading / unloading of goods for optimal usage of the equipment and protection of customers' load.

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Bulk Cargo Transportation

In our practice it is often necessary containers to be loaded / unloaded with bulk cargo. We can offer you containerization of these goods directly into containers or packaged in big bags before containerization. We have developed a scheme for loading concentrates, bentonite, grain and other bulk cargo. The advantage of the transport of bulk cargo in containers is evident especially in the need for expedition of small batches in large distances that are difficult to charter, but also in security during transport. Furthermore, the mobility of containers allows loading to be done in client's wharehouse, without the need for the load to be pre-carried to the port.

Additional isolation and packaging, which is necessary for the loading of any specific loads in order to maintain the load and / or container, is something which we are specialists in and which you can rely on us for.

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Out of Gauge Cargo Transportation

Flexy Trans Ltd. could take all necessary actions conserning the transport and handling of overweight and oversized cargo.

Transportation of such goods requires exceptional preparation and coordination. The most important thing is to find the optimal route. Very often it is required to use multimodal transport (land - sea - land).

Regardless of the size and weight of your cargo, we would offer you the best solution for each case.

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Our company offers all kinds of cargo port forwarding. We could arrange the loading / unloading, storage, shipment and haulage of goods arriving / departing by vessels. As your freight forwarder we could have all operations and activities stacked so as to achieve the optimum effect for the transport of your goods.

We are specialized in the treatment of:

  • concentrates and ore
  • grain
  • wood
  • paper and rolls
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Customs Agency

Flexy Trans Ltd. offers all services related to the presentation of customers to the customs authorities.

  • Registration of all customs documents for all customs procedures
  • Preparation and verification of certificates of origin
  • ПPresentation to customs
  • Securing customs "transit" regime -we have our own bank guarantee
  • Customs warehousing of goods – we have our own bank guarantee
  • Storage and processing of goods SBZ - Burgas / Flexy Trans is certified operator

Required Documents


  • Notarized warrant of attorney after a pattern
  • Certificate by the Registry Agency or set of notarized copies of company documents - first and last court decision, current status/ 3 months of validity /, tax registration and BULSTAT
  • All necessary import permits /depending on the product/
  • Copies of supporting trade and transport documents
  • Any additional documents required by the customs


  • Notarized warrant of attorney after a pattern
  • Certificate by the Registry Agency or set of notarized copies of company documents - first and last court decision, current status (3 months of validity), tax registration and BULSTAT
  • Documents of origin of the goods / preceding document
  • Certificate of possible dual-use
  • Copies of supporting trade and transport documents
  • Any additional documents required by the customs
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The main purpose of cargo insurance is to indemnify the owner of the goods for financial losses that may be incurred in case the goods are destroyed or damaged during transport. This makes insurance a compulsory element of cargo transport.

Loads during transport by land, sea and air are covered. The insurance coverage complies with international standards and is provided in accordance with the approved at the London market "Institute Cargo Clauses".

Depending on your requirements and the specifics of your goods we choose which insurance company to work with, so that for each particular case to be able to offer you:

  • Risk prevention
  • Security
  • Individual approach

General Conditions

Flexy Trans Ltd. will consult you on every case of cargo insurance. Nevertheless, we offer to your attention the general conditions valid for cargo insurance regardless of the type of vehicle.

Cargo is insured in pieces, parcels, bundles, cases or other common units and cargo carried in bulk or liquids - by weight. The insurer's liability for each insured number or mass unit starts from the moment of loading it on the vehicle, it continues in the normal course of transport and ends at the time of offloading from the vehicle in the place indicated in the insurance policy.

At the conclusion of the insurance, the Insured has to notify the Insurer about:

  • type and weight of the load, number of packages and markings, if any
  • type, name, brand, and distinguish marks of the vehicle
  • mode of transport of the cargo - in open or covered wagons, trucks, in the barn or on the deck of the vessel
  • number and date of transport document
  • place of commencement and completion of the transport, reloading and / or transhipment
  • insurance amount
  • risks against which he wants it to be insured

Cargo Insurances

nternational practice adopted three main types of coverage:

When combined transport (e.g. sea and truck), clause "from warehouse to warehouse" may be negotiated. In this case, the insurer's liability extends to any number or mass unit from the time of its removal from the warehouse (or other location specified in the policy) to the time of delivery to the final warehouse or place specified in the policy.

It is possible to insure separate sections as well as overall transport depending on the type of the commercial deal.

About Us

Flexy Trans Ltd. was founded in 2000 with its main activity being marine, container and land transportation and forwarding of all types of containerized cargo.

The transportation needs of our customers forced us to expand our activities in another aspect of maritime business:

  • port forwarding
  • customs agency
  • transit customs bank guarantee
  • bonded warehouse in the port of Burgas
  • insurance agency
  • transport of liquid cargo in standard vehicles
  • transport of oversized loads

Experience allow us to offer our clients develop comprehensive logistics for the transport of their goods according to their specific requirements.

The main policy of the company is to provide its clients with full coverage of individual components of the transport scheme, as well as the whole transportation deal. We take care of our client's commodity from the warehouse of the exporter to the final point of delivery. Having highly qualified and experienced employees allows us to offer our customers the best logistics scheme and transportation of their cargo, which includes:

  • selecting and providing the most appropriate transportation according to the specifics of the cargo, destinations and requirements of our clients
  • organization of reloading from one vehicle to another, if required by the logistics scheme, in order to achieve cheaper cost of transport or shortened transit time
  • documentary and customs securing of each operation and the whole logistic scheme
  • insurance of goods during transport and on completion of each operation, according to the clients' instructions

Our work and proficiency save our customers time and money. Thanks to the wide range of services we offer we are able to cover the whole logistics circuit, thereby retain their business confidentiality within the company.

Flexy Trans Ltd. has “Forwarder's liability” insurance from a first class insurance company — certificate A (PDF, 2 MB), certificate B (PDF, 2 MB).

Since 2005, Flexy Trans Ltd. has been a member of one of the most prestigious professional organizations - "Bulgarian Association of Ship Brokers and Agents".

Our basic principle is to promptly inform customers about everything that occurs during transport, so we can take the most appropriate measures according to the situation and our customers' preferences.

Criteria of the quality of our work is the fact that we are a preferred and trusted long-term partner of many small and large companies on the Bulgarian market.

About Us /


Flexy Trans Ltd. has been a member of the Bulgarian Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (BASBA) since August 2005.

BASBA was founded in Varna on January 6, 1997 as a non-governmental and non-profit organization by 32 founding companies operating shipping brokerage and agency in Varna Black Sea region. Currently 53 companies ,with headquarters and offices in all major cities of the country, working in all Bulgarian sea and river ports, are BASBA members.

BASBA is the Bulgarian member of Organisation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents of the European Union (ECASBA) and the World Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents (FONASBA).

In general, the aim of the Association is to establish and maintain uniform professional standards and practices and to consolidate its members in the protection of their interests before third parties.